for libfdisk version 2.28.2

I. libfdisk Overview
II. Basic handlers and setting
Context — stores info about device, labels etc.
Ask — interface for dialog driven partitioning, warning and info messages
Alignment — functions to align partitions and work with disk topology and geometry
Script — text based sfdisk compatible description of partition table
III. Partitining
Label — disk label (PT) specific data and functions
Partition — generic label independent partition abstraction
Table — container for fdisk partitions
Partition types — abstraction to partition types
IV. Label specific functions
DOS (MBR) — disk label specific functions
UEFI GPT — specific functionality
SUN — disk label specific functions
SGI — disk label specific functions
BSD — disk label specific functions
V. Misc
Iterator — unified iterator
Utils — misc fdisk functions
Library initialization — initialize debug stuff
Version functions — functions to get the library version.
API Index