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bib2xhtml - Convert BibTeX Files into HTML

bib2xhtml is a program that converts BibTeX files into HTML (specifically XHTML 1.0). The conversion is mostly done by specialized BibTeX style files, derived from a converted bibliography style template. This ensures that the original BibTeX styles are faithfully reproduced. Some postprocessing is performed by Perl code.

This is a fork of the bib2html program written by David Hull in 1996 and maintained by him until 1998. I have been a happy user of the program since 1995, using the program to keep my publication list up to date, and, to generate the on-line bibliography list for my books Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective (Addison-Wesley 2006) and Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective (Addison-Wesley 2003). After 1998 no other changes were made to the program, and I failed to locate an active program home page. Since there were a number of changes I needed to bring the program up to date with evolving web standards, I decided to adopt bib2html for maintenance, evolution, and further distribution. The first new public release made in 2004, featured support for XHTML 1.0. A number of subsequent releases fixed a number of problems, and added many significant features, such as new presentation formats, more flexible output, and Unicode support. Given that two projects on claim the name bib2html, on March 2004, I decided to rename the project into bib2xhtml, to emphasize the result's XHTML conformance.

Downloads and Documentation

The current bib2xhtml version is 2.35. The following pages do not contain navigation links. Following a link will open a new browser window.


Choose from the following options to see some examples that were generated by running bib2xhtml on this bibliography input file.



Other options

-c (chronological sort)
-r (reverse sort order)
-k (append to the label of each entry its BibTeX key)
-u (Unicode UTF-8 text)
-n Spinellis (emphasize an author's name)

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