CRAN Task View: Psychometric Models and Methods

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Psychometrics is concerned with theory and techniques of psychological measurement. Psychometricians have also worked collaboratively with those in the field of statistics and quantitative methods to develop improved ways to organize, analyze, and scale corresponding data. Since much functionality is already contained in base R and there is considerable overlap between tools for psychometry and tools described in other views, we only give a brief overview of packages that are closely related to psychometric methodology.

Contributions are always welcome and encouraged, either via e-mail to the maintainer or by submitting an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository linked above.

Item Response Theory (IRT):

Correspondence Analysis (CA), Optimal Scaling:

Factor Analysis (FA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA):

Structural Equation Models (SEM):

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS):

Classical Test Theory (CTT):

Knowledge Structure Analysis:

Latent Class and Profile Analysis:

Paired Comparisons, Rankings, Ratings:

Network Psychometrics:

Bayesian Psychometrics:

CRAN packages

Core:ade4, anacor, blavaan, ca, CTT, eRm, Gifi, lavaan, ltm, mirt, mokken, OpenMx, prefmod, psy, psych, psychotree, smacof, TAM, vegan.
Regular:aspect, asymmetry, ata, BayesFM, BayesLCA, betafunctions, betareg, birtr, bootnet, bpca, BradleyTerry2, BTLLasso, cabootcrs, cacIRT, candisc, catR, CAvariants, CDM, cds, ClustVarLV, cncaGUI, cNORM, cocor, cocorresp, cocron, conquestr, cops, cSEM, CTTShiny, D3mirt, DAKS, dexter, dextergui, dexterMST, DFIT, DIFboost, DIFlasso, difNLR, DIFplus, difR, DIFtree, dina, Dire, DistatisR, e1071, eba, ecodist, edina, edmdata, edstan, eegkit, EFAutilities, EGAnet, elasticnet, equate, equateIRT, equateMultiple, errum, EstCRM, EstimateGroupNetwork, ExPosition, FactoMineR, faoutlier, fastICA, fechner, flexmix, fourPNO, GDINA, gimme, glasso, GLMMRR, GPArotation, GPCMlasso, graphicalVAR, gtheory, heplots, homals, iarm, ica, ICC, iccbeta, ifaTools, immer, influence.SEM, irr, irtDemo, irtoys, irtrees, IRTShiny, IsingFit, IsingSampler, jrt, kequate, kst, labdsv, LAM, latdiag, lava, LAWBL, LCAvarsel, lisrelToR, lme4, LNIRT, lordif, lsl, lslx, lvnet, maat, MASS, MCAvariants, MCMCglmm, MCMCpack, medflex, mediation, metaSEM, mgm, MIIVsem, mirtCAT, missMDA, MixedPsy, MLCIRTwithin, MLDS, mlVAR, MplusAutomation, mpt, MPTinR, mudfold, MultiLCIRT, multilevLCA, multiplex, multiway, munfold, NetworkComparisonTest, NetworkToolbox, networktools, networktree, nFactors, nlme, nlsem, nsprcomp, ohoegdm, optiscale, ordinal, pairwise, paran, pcaPP, pcFactorStan, pcIRT, PCMRS, piecewiseSEM, pks, PLMIX, PLmixed, plotSEMM, pls, poLCA, polycor, PP, profileR, PROsetta, pscl, psychomix, psychonetrics, psychotools, psychTools, psyphy, PTAk, pwrRasch, qcv, qgraph, quickpsy, randomLCA, RaschSampler, regsem, REQS, Rirt, rpf, rrum, rsem, sem, semds, semPlot, SEMsens, semTools, semtree, SensoMineR, ShinyItemAnalysis, Sim.DiffProc, simcdm, simsem, sirt, slcm, smacofx,, STARTS, stops, subscore, systemfit, TestDataImputation, TestDesign, TestScorer, ThreeWay, thurstonianIRT, tidyLPA, tidySEM, TreeBUGS, TripleR, VGAM, wCorr, WrightMap, xxIRT.
Archived:esaBcv, lavaan.survey, SparseFactorAnalysis.

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