CRAN Task View: Model Deployment with R

Maintainer:Yuan Tang, James Joseph Balamuta
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Citation:Yuan Tang, James Joseph Balamuta (2022). CRAN Task View: Model Deployment with R. Version 2022-08-24. URL
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This CRAN task view contains a list of packages, grouped by topic, that provides functionalities to streamline the process of deploying models to various environments, such as mobile devices, edge devices, cloud, and GPUs, for scoring or inferencing on new data. It complements the related task views on HighPerformanceComputing and MachineLearning.

Model deployment is often challenging due to various reasons. Some example challenges are:

Many of the areas discussed in this task view are undergoing rapid changes in industries and academia. Please send any suggestions to the maintainer via e-mail or submit an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository linked above. All suggestions and corrections by others are gratefully acknowledged.

Deployment through different types of artifacts

This section includes packages that provides functionalities to export the trained model to an artifact that could fit in small devices such as mobile devices (e.g. Android, iOS) and edge devices (Rasberri Pi). These packages are built based on different model format.

Deployment through cloud/server

Many deployment environments are based on cloud/server. The following packages provides functionalities to deploy models in those types of environments:

CRAN packages

Regular:arules, arulesCBA, arulesSequences, cloudml, dbplyr, domino, dplyr, FastRWeb, h2o, httpuv, ibmdbR, keras, lightgbm, onnx, opencpu, plumber, pmml, pmmlTransformations, RestRserve, reticulate, RSclient, Rserve, rsparkling, sparklyr, tensorflow, tfdeploy, tfestimators, tidypredict, vetiver, xgboost, yhatr.

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